"My dog Luke is a 10 yrs old lab.  Luke suffered from Congestive Heart disease after several visits to the vet which were somewhat helpful, I ran across Helena’s Healing ad and called her to see if she could help. After several sessions, not only did Luke feel better, I took her to the vet and his condition diminished. I found this to be incredible. I love my Luke so happy to hear this news. Helena is an extremely talented healer.

- Carrie Montgomery

Helena was such a blessing for my cat, Oreo and me. I contacted Helena shortly after Oreo had been hit by a car and broken her hips in 2 places. Through her mastery of the healing arts, she worked many sessions and the healing process was a success. Helena also showed me energy healing techniques, so I could use between sessions and continue basic energy therapy after the sessions ended. I was impressed with how much she cared about us and truly desired complete healing for Oreo.

- Mark Mazur

I brought my cat, Polly to receive treatment with Helena after cancer surgery. After the first session, I noticed a dramatic difference in both Polly’s energy level and her personality! She became really playful, light and much more sociable and loving; it was like having a different cat! Since that first session, Molly has continued to improve and her quality of life is excellent." I’m extremely thankful to have found Helena’s Healing.

- Carly Matheson

Helena is a great animal healer, who I believe saved my cat Gizmo, who was suffering from Lyme’s disease. Gizmo did not respond to the antibiotics for the disease. After two sessions with Helena, Gizmo went from lying all day and not eating to brisk walking with me up to two miles and eating again.  Helena did distant healing for the majority of our sessions. She is also very reasonable. Helena’s incredible gifted, I highly recommend her!’

- Sara M, Newport Beach CA

I took my 14 year old Shepherd mix Libby to see Helena for her hip arthritis. She has been slowing down and had become very stiff with walking.  After a few sessions she seemed much happier and mobile. She never liked other dogs however became much more relaxed and non aggressive around small dogs, a nice bonus to see. Libby was a stray I rescued when she was 9 months old. Helena was able to tell she was abused without me telling her.  As a physician I do not fully how the treatment works, but that my dog had a positive response. I highly recommend Helena for treatments for your pet regardless if your pet is healthy or ill. She is fantastic and very intuitive.

- Mark G, LA, CA


I was told by doctors that the ringing in my ears would not go away and would be with me my entire life. That was devastating to hear. I tried noise machines, allergy medicines. NOTHING HELPED!   after working with Helena, I can honestly say I have not had any ringing since visits with Helena 9 months ago.

Jason L , California

I had liposuction done and boy oh boy I was full of so much fluid. I did travel out the U.S to get the procedures did, so 2 weeks after surgery. I research for a Lymphatic drainage massage therapist thru craigslist and found Helena, which she is such a blessing. She removed all the fluid within 3 sessions and provided free healing along with my sessions. She is very professional. Not only is she warm and friendly but she really knows her stuff. She is passionate about massage/healing and you can see her passion as she goes to work on your body. Helena listens to your body. Without even saying a word to her she will find the spots that are tight and work them out. But not only that, the first 5 minutes she barley touches you. She is sending energy through your body while surveying what issues you have. I literally felt warm in my stomach.

Chaka, LA, California

My son had a lot of emotional blockages, he is only 13yrs old. My son felt completely blocked, not knowing what to do with himself and not feeling comfortable anywhere, not even seeing a doctor, I was referred to Helena through a neighbor. I was alittle hesitant as this is my first time with healing work.  Helena was compassionate, sincere, and articulate with my son however she also has a cute sense of humor which made him very comfortable. Its been a couple months and my son is doing better in school and feeling more comfortable with himself. I don't understand how she does what she does but it works people. Its just important to practice a peaceful, positive life once you receive her work. Thanks Helena from all of us......

Caraway Family, Redondo Beach, Ca

I met Helena at a boxing class. I injured my right achilles and right shoulder. She offered to do some healing work the next time I saw her because I was unable to go to class. Well, I was seriously impressed, after one visit I felt 40% better in both areas. This experience was very powerful for me as I've never given much thought to energy work. She is a no nonsense healer, which I like. She goes in quickly and effectively as you can feel the sensation of energy flow. Helena is a high energy person anyway, or shall I say passionate. I felt incredible after leaving her session the first time. She worked on me 2 more times (distance healing). I'm all healed so crazy enough this stuff works.

Robert L, Torrance Ca

Great Masseuse strong hands, my body always feels lighter and more rejuvenated after I visit with Helena. She is an extremely caring individual.  I finally tried the healing work she does.... Helena was a great choice for my first experience with energy healing. I am so glad I got the opportunity as I've been suffering from migraines, she quickly went to work on me. She worked on me for a good hr the first time and then 4 more 30 min sessions.  Each time when I finished her session, I felt a new sense of clarity and energy emerge.  Its been 4 months and I have no more migraines. I use to get them weekly. I'm excited to learn the healing path rather then taking medications. Thank you Helena, your gifted.

Carrie R, Huntington Beach, Ca

Helena is one of the most devoted people I know to  wanting to heal people and help them feel the best that they can.  My brother was diagnosed with a rare terminal cancer.  He was taken to hospice and given 24-48 hrs to live.  I have never had healing done before, but I can say that during the the sessions I could feel the energy in my brother and I believe that she with her energy helped my brothers condition turn around enough that he was able to go home live another 40 days enjoying his friends eating our mothers chicken soup and spending time with his wife, daughter and friends.  I would recommend anyone work with Helena she is a true blessing and selfless in her pursuit to help people.

Nicole S, Carmel, CA

I’ve been struggling with stomach pains (GERD) for over 3 months now.  I had gone to multiple doctors and was given many different medications that did not work. When I started working with Helena and her healing remedies, I can honestly say within 24hrs I was starting to feel better. It almost seemed like magic. To be honest at first I thought I was wasting my money. The reality is after she worked on me I never felt better and I’m so thankful to have been healed by these magical healing energies!  Call me crazy. I call it higher beings.

 Jason, Sherman Oaks, Ca