Pet Healing

No matter what kind of animal companion you have, or animal friend who needs healing, the distant healing I do is very helpful to them. My healing work addresses the animal's physical ailments as well as the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual issues.   Although I  never know what will be the final results of the healing work I do, I have an extremely positive success rate. I do some of my healing work in person however majority is distance healing (you nor your pet need to be present). We do an initial consultation via in person, over the phone, or Skype and then proceed to healing work.

Animals are very receptive to animal healing work as they don’t have doubts and disbelief as humans so its easier to work with them. You may notice immediate changes, and you may also notice more gradual ones (depends on circumstances). Though this does not always happen, there may be a short period of detoxification, when their symptoms briefly worsen, and then release. Your acceptance/belief to the healing work is also key.

Also, its also been known that your animal friends may be reflecting some of your issues, so when you contact me for healing for them, we may also find ourselves doing healing for you, too. And, that is helpful to them, as well as to you. Your animal friends will thank you for their healing, and your own.

Pet Healing Rates

The Big Pet Bang

Initial pet healing session including consultation (90 minutes) 


Pet On The Fence

Individual Pet Healing Session


The Pet Tune-Up

(for ages 3 plus)

bring your Pet chakras back to new and overall consciousness body preventative reboot.

3 - 40 minute healing sessions


The Animal Package

Pack of 5 sessions: $200  (save $25) 


The Pet Sanctuary

Pack of 10 sessions:  $400  (save $50)


** Consultation is $35 and is Free if you purchase 5 or more healing sessions (no expiration on sessions purchased) **